Freedom Group Classes

Our group fitness classes focus on high-quality, circuit style training with a program that changes daily.

Group fitness that feels personal

We’ve developed our own brand of ‘group fitness training’ which includes four different class-types with circuit-style training.

Each class is designed to help you target specific strength and fitness goals.

Best of all, our program changes daily, so you’ll never see that same workout twice or get bored with repetitive movements.

Our small group, in-studio training is capped at a maximum of 12 participants per session, so you’ll receive excellent customer care and personal attention in every session. 

This also means our Group Classes are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. You don’t need to be ‘fit’ to get started!


Our Group Fitness Classes


This is our signature class! It is a great all-round session that incorporates both cardiovascular and resistance training. We also offer Women’s Only and Child-Friendly options, because it is our most popular class.

Free HIT

Our High Intensity Training class that is all about burning body fat. It’s a high energy, full-body workout that is designed to get your heart rate up with a combination of dynamic cardio, strength and core exercises.

Freedom Fighters

Our boxing class is all about getting a great, fast-paced cardio workout. This is no self-defense class but it is a fun and fast workout that will leave you feeling great.


Free Form

Free Form is a full body workout incorporating both compound and isolation exercises. It’s all about building a better body with focus on muscular endurance, flexibility, strength and core stability.

Are you ready to be free?

You can choose between a fully flexible membership (with no lock-in contract), a multi-visit pass or a casual visit.  Best of all?  Your first session is free!

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