About us

We’re 100% focussed on creating a friendly, supportive and challenging training environment for our clients.

Our Story

Freedom Fitness was originally started back in 2010, as a personal training service owned and operated by Nathan Free. 

As our PT service grew, we began to see a need to offer larger groups the same benefits that one would achieve with personal training.

In 2016, we launched our Freedom Group Classes and we decided to cap the sessions to 12 participants.  With Group Classes, it has always been our aim to provide the same level of support and customer care that you would expect from a typical Personal Training session.

Smaller group sizes have allowed us to create a non-intimidating, high-quality training environment with lots of variety from day-to-day.

Our classes are designed to be suitable for all ages and fitness levels, with a ‘circuit-style’ approach that allows you to challenge yourself to the best of your capabilities.

More recently, we also added live online training and a large database of pre-recorded home workouts, helping you stay fit and motivated even if you can’t make it into the studio.

We also offer ‘women’s-only’ sessions and special programs tailored to help mums regain and develop their fitness.

Fitness is Freedom!


Our Team


Nathan Free

Owner & Head Trainer

I’ve been working as personal trainer for over 10 years, living my passion for health and fitness.

Freedom Fitness started as a personal training service back in 2010 and over the years I have helped hundreds of people regain their fitness levels and tackle their fitness dreams.  I just love to help others to feel good about themselves, as they become fitter and healthier, and of course happier!

Building our Group Classes has been a major part of my life in recent years. It has really allowed me to share my passion with more and more people each week and I look forward to seeing you in the studio or online soon.


Meagan Free

Trainer & Manager

Freedom Fitness has been a big part of my life since 2017, both as the business administration, as a trainer, and as the place I love to train and keep fit.

I have a background as a dance teacher which has given me a great insight into the positive impacts on providing a safe, caring and supportive training environment.  This is a major factor in any successful fitness journey.  As a Mum, I have a real passion for childhood development, which led me to create our Freedom Fit Kids programs which pop-up from time to time. 

I love taking the opportunity to train alongside our members whenever I get the chance, so hopefully I will see you in a Group Class soon!


Sarah Castley


After having my fourth child and returning to exercise, it became clear to me that there was a lack of specialised and qualified women’s fitness trainers in Hobart.

I saw this as an opportunity to help not only mums but women in general, but also, as a chance to help the women in our community understand their bodies, feel good about themselves and safely return to exercise.  

As a busy mum, I can also relate to the constant juggling act we all go through. So it’s great to help women understand the importance of prioritising their own health and well-being, and to find balance in life.

I have been a trainer at Freedom Fitness since 2018 and I just love having the opportunity to bring women together in a safe, inclusive, friendly and supportive environment, where together we can laugh, learn and be active.

Our Studio

We have two fully equipped, air-conditioned training studios located in the northern grandstand at the Domain Tennis Centre in Hobart, Tasmania.

Just 2 minutes drive from the Hobart CBD.

The Freedom Group Classes are conducted from the ground floor studio whilst our Personal Training space is located upstairs on level 1.

We provide free off-street parking as well as toilet and shower facilities to all members.  

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